Screenshot from 2015-05-12 12:28:36Academia has changed. Doing research today involves spending a considerable amount of time in discussing and illustrating our discoveries to a wider public out there. Academics of today have to deal with the concept of ‘impact’. In other words, we have to make our work as accessible as possible for everybody and not just for our university colleagues.

Undoubtedly, the Internet is the main resource to achieve a goal like this: blogs and social media are invaluable tools. These allow the researchers to give to their audience an idea about what actual research is about.

However, all three of us experienced a certain amount of wariness when it came to using social media in this way. To be told at the start of the PhD’s that we were expected to use Twitter, and write a blog, was therefore daunting. We struggled (to different degrees) with questions like, what do we put on Twitter, what are hashtags for, and even (in dark moments), what’s the point?

But there is no denying the enjoyment that comes of being part of an international community of researchers, students, and academics. We have fully embraced the purpose of social media, and we are slowly getting to grips with the mechanics of websites, blogs, and Twitter.

This space will be dedicated to our thoughts about our jobs in academia. We will talk about our challenges and difficulties; our success and victories; we will discuss our findings and how the experience of doing doctoral research is changing our lives.

Hopefully some people will read the blog, and we’d love to receive feedback, comments, suggestions for guest bloggers, anything you feel like saying really. You can also share your thoughts with us at @emodconsumption!




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